Burglars are far less likely to target an occupied home. Clearly the ultimate form of home security is the full occupation 24 hours a day offered by our gold service, second best being overnight occupation offered by our silver cover. However, the next best deterrent is to make your home appear occupied.

Our security visit service is proving popular with those who don't require occupation of their homes. We can make regular visits, usually in the morning and at dusk to open and close curtains, switch on lights or television/radio etc. Having us move your car to different positions on the driveway is another tip for good security, a car in one position for long periods or absent when usually present is a sure giveaway of an unoccupied home.

Other benefits include watering of plants, checks for water leaks or freezer failure, forwarding of mail etc.

As ever, our service is discreet, times of visits can be varied and we don't use signwritten vehicles. Keys and alarm codes are stored without identification and well away from any details of your name/address.

Prices for this service depend on your location and duties required. We will be happy to quote and can also offer security advice.