Will you keep my dog(s) on a lead?

We always strictly follow your guidelines on this. If you prefer then we will always use the lead. For dogs who can be let off where safe we are happy to do this but reserve the right to change the practice if we have problems with calling him/her in and feel that the dog's safety may be jeopardised. We can do a trial walk with you if required.

My cat needs medication and has a special diet. Can you accommodate this?

Yes, we strictly adhere to all dietary requirements. We are experienced in giving medication including insulin injections. We only give treats as advised by yourselves.  We ask for all dietary and medication instructions in writing to avoid any confusion.

What if my pet becomes ill during your stay?

We always ensure we have your vet's contact details. In emergencies we would of course get them straight to the vet but otherwise would attempt to contact you first for advice.  We do issue a Vet authorisation form at time of booking.

What contact will I have with you whilst I'm away?

As much or as little as you'd like. We are happy for you to email/call/text as many times a day as you wish.  You can also contact us at any time on our mobiles or your landline.

My dog is difficult. Will you cope?

We are experienced with a variety of behavioural issues. Fleur's experience with profound special needs children is a useful background here as many of the issues are quite similar.   We are prepared to meet you and your pets on a number of occasions for familiarisation and in some cases we suggest a trial evening or night including walks if necessary. If we felt a pet would be too problematic we would say so from the outset but we never yet had to do this.

What if you don't like my dog?

We have yet to meet an animal we don't like. We always meet you and your pets well before the house-sit to ensure we all get along.

Our dog/cat sleeps on our bed. Are you happy with this?

Absolutely. We try to keep as close to your pets normal routine as possible. If they sleep on your bed then we are happy to have them on ours. Some clients prefer we use their own bed so the pets don't have a room change. This is fine with us too. If your pets are not allowed on furniture or in certain areas of the home we keep to your practice.

How much exercise will you give my dog?

We follow your exact requirements. Our aim is to continue your pet's normal routine as much as possible.

We have a large number of pets. Will this cost extra?

We don't charge per pet so within reason, no. Sometimes with pets that take up a lot of time it may be necessary to use our full cover Gold service.

Will my home be too small?

No, we have stayed in all sorts of homes from one bedroom flats to 8 bedroom mansions. We enjoy the variety, whilst one week we appreciate being miles from anywhere it is also nice another week to be in a residential street with neighbours.

Will my home be too untidy?

No, we are quite at home in both immaculate and 'lived in' homes. We always leave your home at least as clean as when we take over. We clean only the rooms we use and shut off those that we and your animals don't use.

Do I need to provide food.

No. We bring everything with us right down to toilet rolls.

Will you need to use the telephone?

No. We bring mobiles for our own calls. We are happy to take calls for you or some prefer to leave the answerphone on. We will need to access the internet using our laptop. If you have a wifi router we can connect to this is ideal or alternatively we use a dongle if there is a good signal .

We don't need somebody in our home 24 hours but your Silver cover means leaving our pets for too long.

We are very flexible and can offer a variety of options. We can offer lunchtime visits at extra cost depending on location and time needed. Another popular option is to book Dave for decorating work which means he will be around during the day anyway without any extra cost to you (apart from the decorating of course).

Will my home be left secure if you go out?

With Gold cover one of us is always home. With Silver cover yes. We are experienced with alarm systems, CCTV systems, electric gates etc and strictly follow your instructions.

Are you experienced with all animals?

We have looked after dogs, cats, horses, sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, peacocks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, parakeets, budgerigars, fish, snails and stick insects! We are happy to consider any other animals.

We don't have any pets. Would you still want to house sit for us?

Yes, we have a number of clients who use us only for security reasons and/or decorating work.

How far will you travel for a house sit?

Being based in Horsham most of our work is in the Sussex/Surrey/Kent area but we are prepared to travel, internationally if required. For example some of our clients have used us to redecorate their holiday homes.

Do you have your own pets?

No. Our love of travel has always prevented this although we have both had cats and dogs in the past. Our work allows us the best of both worlds enabling us to travel whilst still enjoying the company of animals.

How do we book?

Contact us for a chat and to check availability. We will then post you our references. If you like what you hear then we will arrange a visit to meet you and your pets. There is no charge for this visit.  Even if we are not available for your dates you may wish to meet us so you are ready for future bookings. Once we have met (more than once if necessary) and you are happy then we draw up a contract signed by both parties and a deposit is paid to secure the booking. We usually visit again approximately a week before the house sit to run through final care and health details. There is no charge for this visit either.

What if I have to cancel?

We have a scale of charges depending on when you cancel but these are waived (less a small admin cost) if we are able to re book your dates. It is rare that we cannot re book, especially with adequate notice, but we advise that you check your travel insurance to ensure it covers our fees.

What if my pet becomes ill and I've only booked Silver cover?

We are always flexible and can upgrade a service if required.  We would try to contact you for advice and of course, if necessary would remain with your pet until such time as we are able to make contact.  Then, if your pet needs full time or increased care the decision to upgrade cover, return home or call in a friend/neighbour would be yours.

I have a dog walker (or somebody caming in to feed our dog/cat).  Can I still use them?

No.  We only take on work where we have sole charge of the pets.  We do not share responsibility.  To do so would leave us in a very vulnerable position.  We are strict on this.

We wish to book you for one week and our friend will take over the second week.  Is this OK?

No.  We only take on work where we take over from the client and hand back to the client.  We do not share resonsibility of pet care.  To do so would leave us in a very vulnerable position.  We are strict on this.

If you have any questions about our services not covered here please don't hesitate to ask.